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Parenthood Ministries Introduction

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Bishop Richard E. Cox        Rev. Gloria Wright Cox

               Founder                          Exec. Pastor                           

We like to welcome you to our Website and our Community Outreach Ministry.

PARENTHOOD MINISTRIES.  is a church fellowship and an faith based outreach ministry to the community. This Organization was founded by Bishop Richard E. Cox in

September 10, 1999.

The purpose of this organization is to develop a holistic approach to the well being of the whole person spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is an, educational, resource and referral organization. Assisting families, churches, health care facilities, educational institutions, and community organizations in helping people make positive decisions in improving their everyday life experiences.

The Parenthood Ministries actively seeks partnerships and collaborations to carry out this purpose.

Parenthood Ministries is committed to providing professional, educational and cultural support in the community and promotes educational development programs that support the advancement of youth and their families. Health, Hunger, Homelessness, and Education are our service areas.

Parenthood Ministries is committed to ordaining pastors, missionaries, and establishing churches for the work of the ministry of the Gospel of Christ.

Parenthood Ministries is dedicated to

strengthening and serving people,

changing lives,

empowering women,

and uplifting families.